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About Rapp Marine

Rapp Marine's New Manufacturing FacilityFor more than 100 years, Rapp Marine, formerly known as Rapp Hydema, has successfully developed new generations of advanced deck machinery and equipment for the marine and offshore oil industries worldwide.

For over 50 years, Rapp Marine has delivered innovative winches, marine cranes, and load handling systems to commercial work vessels. Rapp Marine’s high priority of R&D activities is closely linked to a basic strategy: Creating products and solutions at the technological forefront for an increasingly competitive global market. Rapp Marine is also a leader in after market support for marine winches and cranes, providing expedited service for deck equipment to minimize downtime for vessel operators. 

In 2014, Rapp Marine Group restructured and became two separate entities, Rapp Hydema and Rapp Bomek. Under the leadership of new CEO Helge Vatnehol, Rapp Hydema rebranded as Rapp Marine. Rapp Marine’s headquarters is situated in Bodø, Norway, with offices in Seattle, WA for the U.S. market, named Rapp Marine US Inc., and Peterhead, Scotland for the U.K. market, named Rapp Marine UK Ltd. In October of 2014, Rapp Marine opened the doors to the newly renovated 10,000 m2 factory in Gruza, Serbia, featuring the latest manufacturing equipment and capabilities.

In addition to our own companies, Rapp Marine is proud to have active partners and agents all around the world. You can find more information about our companies and agents under "Contact Us".

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