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Engineering Your Deck Machinery Solutions

At Rapp Marine, we understand that the right tools are required to complete the job. The construction worker can't raise a building without his toolbelt, and a baseball player can't play ball without his bat and glove. The same goes for marine winches and cranes on a vessel, we understand that the equipment that we engineer and manufacture for the vessel operator is vital for the task to be carried out. Without a fully functional winch or crane system, the mission can be put on hold. With the mission on hold, the opportunity that is lost can add up in cost. 

This is the reason that part of Rapp Marine's core competency is to listen to the customer, understand their needs, and deliver the highest quality custom deck equipment the first time. We also understand that our working relationship with the vessel operator doesn't end at the deck machinery's delivery, which is why we provide ongoing after sales support and service for all winches and cranes long afterwards. The ongoing maintenance and service keeps the machinery up and running to avoid costly downtime. 

The four big markets that Rapp Marine provides deck equipment for are fishing, research, offshore oil & gas, and workboat industries. Each of these trades have different requirements for their winches and marine cranes, the stern trawler is going to use the deck machinery differently than the tugboat or the construction support vessel. Our engineering team develops customized deck machinery solutions for these applications using both electric and hydraulic options.