For more than 100 years, Rapp Marine has supplied advanced winches, cranes,
and other deck machinery to the marine and offshore oil & gas industry 
overcome new challenges world wide.

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New Rapp Marine delivery to New VENTURE

Rapp Marine will supply the vessel's full deck machinery and hydraulic package.

Otto Candies LLC and Rapp Marine Agree on Terms for 150 Ton AHC Subsea Crane

Rapp Marine recently agreed on terms with Otto Candies LLC to deliver a 150 ton AHC crane for one...

Rapp Marine at Oceanology International North America

One of the leading forums for marine science & ocean technology arrives in San Diego, CA for the...

New Harley Marine Barges to feature Rapp Marine Deck Equipment

“Rapp Marine has a long history in the maritime industry and we anticipate that their equipment...

Araho steaming home with Rapp Marine deck machinery onboard

Complete Electric Trawl Winch System for O'Hara Corp's New Trawler

Congratulation to Guardian Angell!


Research LK 62 - First Scottish pelagic vessel featuring electric-drive deck machinery

Research is also the first vessel in the world equipped with electric fish pumps, supplied -...

New Western Chieftain

CONGRATULATIONS to Owners & Crew with the new Vessel!

Rapp Marine Selected as OHS SSV for New OSU Research Vessel

"These handling systems and controls will be at the core of these highly capable next generation...

Rapp Marine signs new order with NEW "Odd Lundberg":

This is the third generation of owners from the shipping company Odd Lundberg AS, who have...

Dr. Fridtjof Nansen

Advanced research vessel with Rapp Marine high technology deck machinery onboard

A notable first for Rapp Marine

Rapp Marine are pleased to announce a new contract for complete electric deck machinery to a new...

Rapp Marine boom in Chinese research vessels

Right at the end of 2016, Rapp Marine secured it’s largest single contract in China. This to China...

Breakthrough for Rapp Marine

We are pleased to announce that Rapp Marine has secured two new contracts for delivery of complete...

A new high-tech New Zealand fishing vessel sails with Rapp-equipment aboard

The FV Santy Maria white fish trawler was built in Nelson, New Zealand by the Rapp Marine...

Rapp Marine Group has signed contract for New Australian Icebreaker

We are very pleased to announce that Rapp Marine Group has been awarded the deck machinery and...

One more contract to Rapp Marine Group - supplies equipment to New Zealand's largest factory vessel!

-It is with pride and pleasure that again we are announcing a new contract for delivery of...

Top modern Peruvian pride «Don Ole» sails with solid Rapp winches onboard

Thus confirms a very happy Jan Martin Giske, Project Manager/ Fleet Manager at Austevoll Seafood...

Rapp Marine Group wins contracts for 7 new Fishing Vessels!

We are proud to announce that Rapp Marine Group have recently signed for SEVEN new exciting...

Milestone for Rapp Marine!

Rapp Marine supplies electric twin trawl deck machinery to the pelagic fleet for the first time.

Guardian Angell

Complete Deck Machinery Package for Whitefish Trawler

Western Towboat

Towing Winches for Titan Class Tugboat Vessels

R/V Sikuliaq

Oceanographic Winches for Global Class Research Vessel

Lewek Constellation

ROV Moon Pool System for EMAS World Class Construction Support Vessel


ROV Winch Systems for World Class Dive Support and Offshore Construction Vessels

MS Kvannøy

Bodø's new pride and joy, with local equipment onboard

F/V Starbound

Factory Trawler for Aleutian Spray Fisheries

MS Asbjørn Selsbane

MS Einar Erlend

Complete hydraulic Deck Machinery for 37 meters Purse Seine Fishing Vessel

Thorunn Sveinsdottir

Complete Electric Deck Machinery to Thorunn Sveinsdottir

Sause Bros.

Durable Workboat Winches and Cranes for Tugboats and Barges

NOAA Series Vessels (5 ea.)

NOAA Fisheries Survey Research Vessels

Rapp Marine is GRATEFUL for signing a NEW order with Eshcol Fishing Company

Rapp Marine has been awarded a contract for delivery of the Complete Hydraulic Deck Machinery...

Baydelta Chooses Rapp Marine Electric Tow Winch

Rapp Marine has developed a fully electric driven double drum tow winch for Vessel Chartering LLC,...

Rapp Marine wins two new contracts in China!

China opts for Rapp Marine: Rapp Marine has been chosen as the supplier of advanced equipment...

F/T Araho

Complete Electric Trawl Winch System for O'Hara Corp's New Trawler

Rapp Marine supplies electric deck machinery to new Aker BioMarine Krill Vessel  

- This is our first delivery to a krill vessel, confirms Tor-Idar Øye, VP Sales. With our delivery...