Lewek Constellation

ROV Moon Pool System for EMAS World Class Construction Support Vessel

The Lewek Constellation is the latest offshore construction and pipelay vessel to be added to EMAS's world class vessel fleet. It recently set an industry record in the U.S Gulf of Mexico for a recent pipelay project. Rapp Marine developed an innovative ROV Moon Pool system that allows ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) units to be dropped through the middle of the vessel. 

This unique moon pool system features Rapp Marine ROV AHC winches and a series of supporting winches and cursor system that safely guides the ROV down through the moon pool and into the ocean. Rapp Marine also engineered the moon pool hatches. 

Equipment List:

  • Electric Active Heave Compensation ROV Winches
  • Cursor Winches
  • Cursor Frames, Sheaves, Rails & Parking Pads
  • Latch Beam & Subsea Snubbers
  • Umbilical Winches & Sheaves
  • Foldable Moon Pool Hatches and Skidding Pallet
  • Pentagon Winch Control System

EMAS Constellation ROV Moon Pool System

Customer: EMAS
Product: ROV Moon Pool System - ROV Winches and Supporting Equipment